• Battery and motor positioned for balanced weight distribution

  • Adjustable handle height / shaft length / head angle

  • Lightweight aluminum shaft

  • Bump feed spool with low noise twist line

  • Edging function / Shrub protector

  • Swath diameter: 12" (300mm)
  • Cutting speed: 7500rpm
  • Line diameter: 0.65 inch;
  • Line feed type: bump feed;
  • Weight without battery pack :6.8lbs(3.1kg)
  • Fully adjustable handle
  • Recommend 40V 2.0Ah,4.0Ah or 6.0Ah Battery;
  • The REDBACK 40V system consists of 3 battery options and 2 charger options.
  • Batteries come in 2Ah, 4Ah and 6Ah capacities.
  • Any of these batteries will fit your REDBACK 40V tool.
  • Chargers come in 2A and 5A versions.
  • Any of the batteries will fit either of these chargers.