40V Charger (EC20/EC50) for Redback 2.0Ah,4.0Ah,6.0Ah Li-Ion Battery

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  • Electronic monitoring of individual battery cells to extend life of the battery

  • Wall mountable design

  • Electronic status monitor

  • Any of the Redback batteries will fit either of these chargers.

2A Charger
  • 2.0 Ah Battery: 70mins
  • 4.0 Ah Battery: 135mins
  • 6.0 Ah Battery: 200mins
5A Charger
  • 2.0 Ah Battery: 30mins
  • 4.0 Ah Battery: 60mins
  • 6.0 Ah Battery: 90mins
  • The REDBACK 40V system consists of 3 battery options and 2 charger options.
  • Batteries come in 2Ah, 4Ah and 6Ah capacities.
  • Any of these batteries will fit your REDBACK 40V tool.